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Hi, welcome to the Snowroll – add voice stickers on your photos testing family

Add Voice stickers on your photos! The photo sharing experience that is changing the way we interact with photos. Simply record multiple “Voicetags” and place it anywhere in a photo. No more plain photos! Get creative with it and create funny situations amongst friends. Do amazing impressions of your friends and family. Let your pets share their thoughts! Give voices to your favorite celebs. Make awesome music photos. Voiceover a movie scene! - Add multiple Voicetags on your photos - Edit your photo using the “touch-up” feature - Follow other users on Snowroll - Share with friends, family, and people across the world Tag multiple audio captions directly in your photos, letting your pictures really speak for themselves. Snowroll is a new way to capture every moment! When you’ve used and have come to love the fun of Snowroll, please give us your feedback at, so we can make your experience even better. Voice your own stories and be funny, be wise, be goofy. Be whatever you want to be!

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